Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Wow! What a great week it has been. On Thursday, Ryan, Heath and I headed down to Garden City, SC to stay with Ryan's family. While we were there, we played in the sand, played bocce ball, and played putt putt. This was Heath's first real time to the beach where he could enjoy playing with toys in the sand! He even ate crab legs for the first time!

Then on Sunday, Heath and I headed to Edisto with my parents for a few days. Here is a picture of Heath eating some Edisto sand!
I am so excited for this warm weather. Hopefully we will have many more fun days at the beach this summer!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

hey stranger!

Hey guys! I have been without a computer. at all. whatsoever. For about 3 weeks now. I miss it terribly, and miss reading about all my fellow bloggers even more! There has been a lot going on in the past three weeks. so I will try to recap:

Heath got his first ear infection at 10 months old. It made him feel bad, but he cuddled A LOT which he never does. So it wasnt so bad for me!

We SOLD the first flip house!! Like, someone has already moved in all of their stuff and LIVES there!!

As the weather is getting warmer, more people are coming to look at our house and we have an Open house tomorrow!

The new flip house is about 2 weeks or so from being completed! It looks amazing, and I know I promised pictures, but i dont have any and didnt take any before pictures either. sorry about that. My husband is amazing and can do amazing things! I am so proud of him!!!

I am so excited about spring weather. I have gotten some cute, spring-y maternity clothes and am super happy about all of the flowers and plants that are showing some color!!

I am about 23 weeks pregnant with a LITTLE GIRL!!! We are so excited about her...I cant wait until July when she will be here! Its not too far away :)

Heath has been doing some more walking, and is learning more and more every day. He is growing so fast. I will be starting to plan his 1st birthday really, really soon.

I know how to make meatballs now. A few friday nights ago, we watched Julia & Julie and then we went to sleep. Then i had this dream about meatball subs (which, by the way I have never eaten or found appealing) I woke up and had to make them exactly as they were in my dream. And they were delish! and that is the story on how i learned to make meatballs. I think that pregnancy - cravings/ watching cooking movies could be the culprit.

And that is all of the stuff i can think of that has happened in the past few weeks. Hope yall are all having a wonderful Saturday!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Baby #2 is.......

ITS A GIRL!!!!! We just found out today!! We are so excited! More updates to come later :)