Friday, November 27, 2009

A wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with family and food!

For Thanksgiving, we did two meals. The 1st was a traditional Thanksgiving lunch at my in-laws house. These are the place settings, with fresh rosemary as the napkin ring! My mother-in-law and my husband in the dining room! Love yall!
The beautiful Thanksgiving day view from the back door...It was kinda foggy and really got me feeling like it was the holiday season!

My little boy on his very first Thanksgiving....He was making sure the turkey didn't burn!

The cousins playing together ever so nicely :)

Jackson, age 2 is on the left

And Heath, aka my little key ring thief, age 6 mos is on the right

And then we headed up to Greenville, where my parents live, for a more non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with some Indian food........

and some extra-large underpants. Ps. Look closely and you will see Heath's feet. :)
Hope yall had as great a Thanksgiving as we did!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I must be livin' right

because i won my 1st giveaway!!!! I am so, so excited about this people! Thank you's to Lea Liz over at The Roland's for sending some super cute Christmas gear my way!!

And also thanks to everyone for the sweet comments about the new "look" of my blog...Love yall!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This post is dedicated to Jessica who taught me many-a-thing tonight as she was helping me design my new "look". For those of you who do not know, I am computer illiterate. I don't know a darn thing about them, and i tend to get frustrated easily with these machines. Oh well, I am REALLY ,REALLY excited about my new look and am OK with it not being perfect in real life (although it looks so good and flawless when i preview it-oh well!)

Hope Yall all have a super Monday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

what makes me happy :)

I was tagged by Risley @ Adventures of The Wilkinsons & the rules are to list 10 things that make me happy! So here they are:
1. My family-husband and sweet son esp.!
2.Going to the beach
3.Hearing Heath belly laugh
4.Doing projects/before and afters
5.getting and giving presents
7.having a clean house
9.looking for houses
10.seeing friends

I am supposed to tag 10 people/blogs, so here they are:
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Friday, November 20, 2009

and now it starts......

Morning sickness that is. UGH. Two mornings this week I have woken up with a killer headache, taken some medicine, and then promptly thrown it up. The first morning i thought it was just a coincidence, but no, it happened again this morning. It is miserable. For a normal person, it might not be that bad. But for me it is not easy being queasy. (my lame attempt at a joke. i still feel like crap) First off, i cant get sick inside, oh no, i have to open the door, walk outside, and then get sick. It just grosses me out to throw up into a toilet. EWW. But that is not it. Not only do i throw up, but i also wet my pants. And i cry ...because my feelings are hurt. I mean really?? why does this happen. Is anybody else this strange? If so, Please LET ME KNOW! it might make me feel better.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What an anniversary

Ryan embellished our shed doors Sunday while i was doing other projects. Now they look fresh and a lot better!

and sweet Dixie took advantage of the photo op!

OK so as i said before, Sunday was our anniversary. I posted a picture of our original wedding cake on Sunday. This is not it! We ate about one bite each of our top tier and decided that if we didnt want to be sick, we better not eat any more. SOOO we purchased a new "top" and chowed down! This is the remake!

These are my earrings!!!

And since we couldn't just stare at each other all day Sunday, we finished some projects too! This is our fence before.
Q: What is better than a rusty chain-link fence?
A: Anything
Soo i present you with this after:

What do yall think? Is it tacky or is it added curb appeal?

And then on Saturday morning, i went garage sailing (it is like a sport!) and found this for only $35.00. What a deal right?

And not only did the $35 purchase the dresser, but i also found this little freebie inside once i got it home!

hahahahah i just died :)
But anyways i spent some of our anniversary finishing it off and this is what it looks like now!

(p.s. the room that it is going in is our bedroom, which has a gray walls- i wanted a little punch of color, and i think this is the ticket- so this wall color is not part of its permanent location! )
Then Sunday night we went to a nice restaurant in Columbia called Gharibaldi's. I ordered the mahi mahi stuffed with lump crab and Ryan ordered the NY strip. Our meal was Fabulous, so if you are in the area give it a try!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a HAPPY DAY~!

Today is OUR 1st wedding anniversary! I woke up like usual after Ryan put Heath in the bed with me, and got up to get him a bottle. When i was walking to the kitchen, Ryan turned on the light and on the kitchen table was a dozen roses! I opened my cards and then i spotted a little gold package with a bow on the top! He surprised me with a pair of diamond earrings!!!!!!!!!!

And i thought i was getting paper! hah boy was i surprised! :)
I love you sweetie! this has been such a wonderful year! And many more are to come !!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Flowers make me sooo happy. I love container gardening because i can mix it up and move it around as i want. However, some of my old planters needed a lift.
The is an old strawberry plant pot. I wanted to give it some life and a lil glam! Now doesn't this look much fresher?
I didnt use strawberrys, but the purple and white pansies give the yellow planter just the right amount of contrast!

OK This was not mine. I usually do not "dumpster dive" but it was sitting in someones trash pile and i was thinking about how much i love planters, how they are usually expensive, and why would someone throw this out? it just needed a little love....SO I DOVE!!!

This is what it looked like when i picked it up.

And this is it now!! I love love love it!! plus now i can have even MORE flowers! yay :)

A real "handy" craft

Sorry about the title...i just LOVE me a corny joke!
Anyways these are the supplies you will need:
A hot glue gun (i have been wanting one so this was my excuse!!)
hot glue sticks
googly eyes ie. like the ones in the geico commercial
A lonely oven mitt
and a piece of red felt (not pictured..oops)
The other side of the mitt

TA DA~a cheap puppet!!
I just glued a piece of red felt into the " mouth"
Then glued the googly eyes onto the top, and for the ears/eye brows i cut off the little loops on both mitts (the things that you use to hang them up.) then i glued them together where they were kind of folded so that they would stick up, and that was it. REALLY SIMPLE. and now i have another way to distract Heath!

Happy Half-a-year Birthday!!!

These are at the Doctor's little monkey!!

My baby boy turned 6 months today!!!

As we like to say, he is "advanced" for his age! This has been an ongoing joke with my family since the day he was born. He did go to the doctor today for his 6 month well visit, though, and the Dr. kept saying how active he was, and that it had been a very long time since he had seen a 6 month old as active as Heath is. He kept thinking that Heath was 9 months instead of 6. I was a proud mama to say the least!

Anyways, on to the fun facts!

He weighed 18 pounds, 7 ounces today!! (69 percentile)

Height is 28 inches (93 percentile)

He can sit up by himself
He can crawl

He reaches, grabs (especially hair!) and pulls

He loves food, and eats stage 2 veggies, fruits, and meats and he can

use a sippy cup and loves juice in it!

He has two teeth

He does NOT SIT STILL! He is on the go..except for nap time!

He loves to play peek-a-boo and laughs when he is tickled by mama

He looooves looking in the mirror

I LOVE YOU HEATH. You are my pride and joy! Happy six months sweetie :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A warm, wintery treat

I don't know about you, but most mornings i need a caffeine boost. We do not have a coffee maker, so usually i make a cup of hot tea. ( I was born and raised in SC, but my dad is originally from Jolly Old aka England) I just heat up water in the microwave, add a tea bag and ta-da: a cup of tea.

There is only one the winter, when it is cold, and i need some comfort food/drink, my go-to morning beverage is hot is delish! Well last time i was grocery shopping, i picked up what i thought was regular 'ol hot chocolate. NOPE, it was better. It was Marshmallow Lovers' by Swiss Miss.

It has two packets for each cup. One is filled with cocoa, and the other pouch is full of marshmallows!!!! MMmmm so yummy! Yall have got to try it if you havent already!

Ultrasound news

My "growing" family

We went to the Doctors today where they confirmed my pregnancy and i had an ultra sound to determine the age of the baby and the due date. They think that i am about 4 weeks along, but cant give a due date b.c they want to wait to see the baby first. So They estimated my due date (which is an estimate itself) to be about July 20th. I go for another ultra sound in three LLOONNG weeks. Hopefully everything will go well and i can hear that precious heartbeat!!

One nice thing about having the babies so close together is that i know all of the staff! The ladies went crazy over Heath and his cute little outfit. One of them is a photographer as a side business and offered us a great deal on pictures!! Yay!! I was actually looking online last night for Christmas cards to order, but then i realized that all of our "family pictures" are summery. So hopefully we will get some professional pictures done of our family/Heath's 6 month pics, so we can send out some cute cards :)

Yall have a super day!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old house~New House

This is the house we are flipping. When i started blogging, i said that i would post before and after pics of the house as soon as they were ready.

This is the side of the house-before

A shot of the front...just look at those windows (they had metal panes)

Ryan at the front of the house-before the paint and new front door it desperately needed

Another shot of a front window and the second front door?

The cute faux brick garage- complete with metal swing door

AFTER!! side view of the
New privacy fence...and no more second front door!

The front of the house after new windows, paint, dormers(the points on the roof) and sod.

Another shot -yes it is for sale!!!

The garage after it was sided and a driveway was poured. We still might paint it to match the house-not sure yet.

a Street view ps. before, the ENTIRE yard was leaves on top of leaves. Not one blade of grass anywhere. Now its a pretty yard with lots of shade!

and the after shot of the side of the house..same shot as the first picture in this post. What do yall think?


My fave, Jessica, has begun her journey in blogland!!!! I have been waiting for this day, well, since i told her she should start one!! She is hilarious, Adorable...with a capital "A", of course, and so sweet too!! Yay Jess. Welcome!! is her blog. Go check it out!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


ive been thinking, and being pregnant totally makes sense...I guess hindsight is 20/20.

Emotional? Check.

Moody? Double Check.

Eating cheese. a lot? Oh Yes.

Cleaning more than usual? Yep (thank goodness!)

Afternoon naps? Yes please

Lets hope everything goes well and we are blessed with another healthy, happy baby!


We waste no time.

As some of you may already know, Ryan and I have a little surprise for Heath.

He is going to be a big brother!!!!! We just found out. Hopefully everything will go well :) and We are really, really excited. We don't know how far along yet, but were thinking maybe a month or so. Ill make an appointment on Monday and will keep everyone updated on my blog.
YAY for our expanding family!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roxy Update

Well we dropped Roxy off for surgery this morning, and she did just fine. Fortunately, her hip was not dislocated, so they didnt have to operate on that, just her leg.

We got a call from the vet telling us that her surgery went well, however, he noticed another fracture in the post-op x-ray, so she has to have ANOTHER surgery tomorrow morning. They will be adding more plates to the new fracture. Hopefully she will be home by Thursday. Our other dog misses her and so do we. Lets hope that her next (and hopefully last) surgery goes well and she recovers quickly!

Sweet Roxy

I got a call from Ryan yesterday and the news was not good.

Roxy, our black and tan dog, was hit by a car yesterday evening. We rushed her to the emergency vet's office where they sedated her and took x-rays. Her leg was broken and her hip was dislocated. Hopefully, after some surgery today, she will be alright. Please pray that our sweet doggie will heal and not be in too much pain.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Heath on his 1st Halloween in his frog costume..too bad his "eyes" weren't sticking up.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!