Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best birthday ever!!!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was probably the best birthday I have ever had. My day went like this:
Woke up and walked into a fully decorated kitchen, complete with banners, streamers, and balloons. My sweet husband had decorated it during the night while I was sleeping.

Then I got to open some presents from Ryan and Heath!!
First I opened this restaurant quality frying pan- no more uneven heating in this house!
Then I opened this baby:
Its a potting bench so I can have all the items to keep my thumb green in one place!!

Then, I opened Heath's present
He got my the Mommy hook, so that when I am out and about with two babies, I can have all my bags clipped to the stroller. (I also got a few more things from my guys, but these are all the pics i could find!)

Then we ate a yummy breakfast that my new frying pan helped to cook.
After breakfast, Heath and I went on a walk with a neighbor and her two year old son.
Then Ryan and I droppen Heath off with my mom so that we could go to my Drs. appt. together. I was still measuring small, so the Dr. decided we should do an ultrasound. This was a little nervewracking b/c I was hoping nothing was wrong with our little girl. Fortunately, she is just fine! Plus, we got to see lots of pictures of her sucking her thumb, smiling, and blinking! (Since it was my bday, the ultrasound tech did the 3D/4D ultrasound for us!!!) And, as the cherry on top, the doc scheduled me for an induction next week, just as long as I dont have her before then!!!! YAY!!
After my appointment, we headed to lunch with my family at Harper's. It was so yummy, plus I got these goodies plus some more I dont have pics of!!
I got a citrine ring from my dad that looks almost just like this, except the middle stone is an emerald cut.

Then, from my MIL, I got this great bag, plus a gift card!!! It even has my monogram on it!!

Then after lunch, my sweet friend stopped by and brought this to me:

Its the momAgenda! and it also has my name on the front!! It is such a great organizer and I couldn't wait to use it!

And last, but certainly not least, THE GAMECOCKS WON THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!!! Seriously!! I stayed up to watch the whole thing and we won the game right at my birth time- 11:57 pm!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boys and their toys

This is what came home with us today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

holy cow!

Today is Monday. This means that our trash and recycling go out today..
Well I was taking our recycling bin to the curb when I noticed something.

It was filled to the brim with empty gallon milk jugs. And I am not kidding you when I tell you that there were 8 of them in there. And yes, our bin is emptied every Monday. Our family obviously goes through a lot of milk. But I had NO IDEA we went through more than a gallon A DAY!!! I mean 8 gallons of milk in a week?!?

With as much money as we spend on milk, We should just buy a cow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

This post is for two very important people in my life: My Dad and My Husband

Both of you are wonderful men, and are the best fathers I know!

I hope that both of you have a very special day and know that I love you both very much!

Happy Father's Day!
Love, Brittany

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pregnancy update

I went to the Doctor on Tuesday for my 36 week appointment. They are weekly now!! EEk!! That means baby girl is coming really, really soon!!

Blood pressure is fine. Baby is measuring well, Thank goodness!! (Last appointment she was measuring a little small) And then the doctor checked to see if I was progressing at all.

Turns out, that as of Tuesday afternoon at about 3:30, I was already dilated to 1 cm, and was 50% effaced. Dr. basically said that he could pretty much guarantee that I wouldn't go past my due date of July 16, and that I was already favorable to induce (which he wouldnt do until 39 weeks)!!!!

So, Hopefully this little girl will be healthy and happy and will wait for at least another week or two!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our new master bedroom redo

So as most of you know, we recently moved into a new house. Therefore, we inherited these bright sunshine yellow walls in our bedroom. We also got rid of our bedframe during the move. That means our matress and boxspring were on the floor. "Crappy" pretty much sums up the feel of our "before" bedroom!
Also, if you remember, I found the dresser below at a garage sale last year and thought it would be "fun" to paint it yellow. Even though nothing in our bedroom matches it. So, needless to say, that got old pretty quickly....
(this is the dresser at the old house)
And a before shot of our "crappy" bedroom in the new house....P.S. I accidentally forgot to take before pics so this is the only one. Sorry!
And so, while my husband was away fishing this weekend.......

ta da! A brand new bedroom that is much more serene and calming!

And look! Everything matches... and there is no more jarring yellow walls or furniture staring me in the face every morning!

Oh, and this bedframe. Garage Sale find by my mom. I just LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Memorial day weekend!

We had such a wonderful weekend, filled with family, friends, and lots of yummy food!
Here is a picture of Heath, who stole his daddy's corn on the cob right off the table! We took Heath to the pool for the first time. He loved it!

He is going to be a little water baby this summer!

On Sunday, Ryan headed offshore with some buddies to fish. So what did I do? Redecorate our house of course! I ordered the nursery bedding online, and it came in on Friday while the boys were napping! What good luck!! I hid the bedding so it would be a surprise when Ryan got home from fishing Sunday night. Before he left, I told him that since he was going fishing, I could not be held responsible for any decorating that went on in his absence!
The room that is to be the nursery looked like this:

A jumbled mess of furniture in the middle of the room

and awful perriwinkle paint.

I thought it was so gloomy.
And here is the closet with about 35 years of scuff marks. Yuck.

So, once Ryan hit the road, I ran out to Lowe's to grab my paint and got to work. Here is what he came home to:

I still need to do some finishing touches, like a new curtain rod and hang some things on the walls (need Ryans skills for that stuff!!), but all in all it is done!! Thank goodness, since she is due in six weeks!!!