Friday, September 25, 2009

winners!!! and $50 worth of losers

First of all I just need to say GOOOOOOOO COCKS!!!!!!

The unranked Gamecocks beat #4 Ole Miss 16-10 last night! What a win!

Mr. Heath is Verrry Happy that his team won!

On another note:

I found curtains for my living room!!! Another win!!

World Market

they are a perfect match for our living room, anchoring our furniture which is dark wood, and bringing some more color and intrest into the room. They are also a great contrast to our light cream colored walls.

Thanks for all your help Holly!!

Oh, and:
Did anyone ever realize how very similar counterfeit money looks to real money? obviously, one would think..
Well i had no idea, until the lady at the counter marked a $50 bill we were using to pay for the curtains. Yep. It was a fake.. we couldnt believe it. I mean if you did not have one of those pens you would NOT be able to tell. Its seriously exactly the same.
Fake Money is a major bummer.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

first night away from my baby

Ryan and I just got home from a quick drive to Pennsylvania. We left at 6 am on Friday morning, got to PA to pick up the arcade machines around 3:30 pm . We hung out in Harrisburg, PA for the evening, eating at a nice restaurant downtown called Spice, and then staying at a hotel on the river. We woke up around 6:30 to head back home and made it back in time to take a nap before the 1st home game.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have such amazing family and friends!! I am so blessed to be surrounded with people I love. I went to my hometown Tuesday to have lunch with my dad, visit a friend, and shop with my aunt and mom. Lunch was great, Heath behaved, and we ate cookies!! (well me and my dad did!) Also, my sweet dad offered to watch Heath while me and Ryan go out of town for the weekend! I am glad they will have a chance to bond for a few days. Then, after lunch, I went to see an old girlfriend from high school who has a daughter that just turned one! It was neat seeing them, and seeing how much that little girl has grown! i mean i was in the delivery room when she was born and she weight under 6 lbs. It was so fun to watch her run around and play! Later, I picked up my aunt and went to the mall to meet my mom. We found some new running shoes for me (on sale!!) and some PJs for Heath. I got home kinda late,but Ryan had waited up on me and we watched a few episodes of the office! --we L O VE that show and have rented every season and watched every episode---Then, Last night (Wednesday) i got home from class where i had just taken a test and he had a surprise for me....A JOGGING STROLLER!!!! i was ecstatic to say the least. I have been wanting one, but thought it would be best to buy one after Heath could support his head. Well that time has come and now i can run with him! So not only do i get a surprise jogger, but when i walked into the house my M.I.L. had supper on the table. The. Best. Spaghetti. Ever. see ...i told you i was super blessed and have an amazing family - I love you guys!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend recap

Friday night, Ryan and I built a fence for next door. He did most of the work, and i just helped by securing it all with the nail gun. Then saturday morning we got up and went to lowes to get a few things. When we got home, Ryan worked next door and i painted our bedroom. Our room looks so much better now. We went from a fire engine red color ( i know...) to a light gray. It feels so much more serene and peaceful now. Then it was pizza and chinese for dinner and GAMETIME!! We went to Ryan's brother's house to watch the game and had some ammmmaziing cupcakes, brownies, and dip! We took some cupcakes home, but they accidentally didnt make it through the night! yummy ..On sunday i planted a bunch of flowers in the morning and rearranged our house in the afternoon with help from my wonderful inlaws(thanks holly &barry!!) This morning we took Heath for his 4month check up and shots :( but he did really well and only fussed for a minute. He is a whopping 16 lbs. 6oz now and 25 inches long!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Success!!

I Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! I know i did.
The yard sale was successful and we made a whopping $460!!!
After we cleaned up from the yard sale we headed down to the beach to meet up with Ryan's parents. We had such a wonderful time--it is so nice being with family and just hanging out.

I really wanted to take family pictures on the beach

We didnt get to take too many pics b/c it was about time for Heath to eat, but they turned out pretty good. Sorry the best one is sideways!

When we got home, we put Heath to bed and finished painting our living room! What a great Labor day weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday...I know i will be getting our house back in order and running errands.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

baby, houses, and football

Heath is almost four months now and he is getting more "advanced" every day! Just this morning i put him onto his mat to play and next thing we know, he has rolled halfway across the room.. I mean this guy was movin'! He has also been eating stage 1 babyfood and i think his favorite is banana so far. He is now a size 6 mos. in clothing and has also moved up a size in diapers and is now in stage 3. I feel like time is FLYING by--i really dont want him to grow up....too fast!

On another note, Ryan and I have been kicking butt when it comes to home improvements. I blogged about our bathroom redo, but we have also laid a yard full of sod, painted many baseboards, touched up paint, and putting new colors on our living room and bedroom. We have also cleaned out our shed and I AM HAVING A YARD SALE!!! Its going to be this saturday, and i am sooo excited. I am just worried that a lot of people will be out of town for the holiday..but i hope we still get a lot of traffic. We will use the profits to get a hood w/microwave over our stove that will replace our old microwave and new curtains for the living room. All of this is in preparation for a possible move that could possibly be occuring in the near future..hopefully. But just in case, we will be ready and so will our house!!
P.S. Its time for college football!