Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have such amazing family and friends!! I am so blessed to be surrounded with people I love. I went to my hometown Tuesday to have lunch with my dad, visit a friend, and shop with my aunt and mom. Lunch was great, Heath behaved, and we ate cookies!! (well me and my dad did!) Also, my sweet dad offered to watch Heath while me and Ryan go out of town for the weekend! I am glad they will have a chance to bond for a few days. Then, after lunch, I went to see an old girlfriend from high school who has a daughter that just turned one! It was neat seeing them, and seeing how much that little girl has grown! i mean i was in the delivery room when she was born and she weight under 6 lbs. It was so fun to watch her run around and play! Later, I picked up my aunt and went to the mall to meet my mom. We found some new running shoes for me (on sale!!) and some PJs for Heath. I got home kinda late,but Ryan had waited up on me and we watched a few episodes of the office! --we L O VE that show and have rented every season and watched every episode---Then, Last night (Wednesday) i got home from class where i had just taken a test and he had a surprise for me....A JOGGING STROLLER!!!! i was ecstatic to say the least. I have been wanting one, but thought it would be best to buy one after Heath could support his head. Well that time has come and now i can run with him! So not only do i get a surprise jogger, but when i walked into the house my M.I.L. had supper on the table. The. Best. Spaghetti. Ever. see ...i told you i was super blessed and have an amazing family - I love you guys!!!

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