Friday, September 25, 2009

winners!!! and $50 worth of losers

First of all I just need to say GOOOOOOOO COCKS!!!!!!

The unranked Gamecocks beat #4 Ole Miss 16-10 last night! What a win!

Mr. Heath is Verrry Happy that his team won!

On another note:

I found curtains for my living room!!! Another win!!

World Market

they are a perfect match for our living room, anchoring our furniture which is dark wood, and bringing some more color and intrest into the room. They are also a great contrast to our light cream colored walls.

Thanks for all your help Holly!!

Oh, and:
Did anyone ever realize how very similar counterfeit money looks to real money? obviously, one would think..
Well i had no idea, until the lady at the counter marked a $50 bill we were using to pay for the curtains. Yep. It was a fake.. we couldnt believe it. I mean if you did not have one of those pens you would NOT be able to tell. Its seriously exactly the same.
Fake Money is a major bummer.


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