Thursday, May 26, 2011

psshaw maaan BUYER BEWARE!

So I got this cute pair of sandals right around Easter time, and think they are just adorable.  They have fish on them--  "dont be koi"--  are gold, and are sparkly aka foot jewelry ha. Right up my alley.  Plus they are really comfortable. 
Well I am getting out of the car last night after my moms 60th bday party!! ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! you are the BEST!!!)  And lo and behold, the ring underneath the fish that hold the shoe together SNAPS.  While I am just STANDING THERE.  This is crap!  I have only had them for about a month and have worn them only a few times, so I am hoping they will let me exchange them. 
UPDATE:  I was able to exchange the shoes the next day! They were so nice about it and I am a Happy Camper!! THANKS LILLY! <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

before and afters

Before Heath's Birthday, I bought these two chairs for $3 at a yard sale
 We had been given this table from family
 But they both needed a little TLC.  I had already decided to paint our kitchen (again) and used the paint from that, and then bought some chalkboard paint for the top and got to work.
This after is of what Heath woke up to on his birthday.  He loves having a little table and chairs that are made just for him!

Our kitchen color before:
And after:
And since I had a bunch of chalkboard paint left over, I decided to add some to our freshly painted kitchen:
Another view.  Can you guess what Ryan was doing while I redecorated/painted?!
And then, I thought my kitchen needed another little kick of color, so I purchased some fabric and made this curtain.  What do yall think?  ( i wish i had a closer-up picture of the fabric.Its a kind of geometric-damask sort of pattern.) 

Awesome mothers day weekends!

The Saturday before mother's day, Ryan and the kids gifted me a new camera!  So we decided to take advantage of the early present and take the kids to the zoo!

 Heath loves the zoo and will just run and run to see everything!
 MaryAnne likes to sit in the stroller and view the animals
 Heath will run up, slide down, and run up to do it again.  LOVES to slide down the big slides
 Sweet MaryAnne
 Then on Sunday, we went to the lake with Ryans family for mothers day.
 MaryAnne loves the wind in her "hair"  :)
 Sweet family picture
 My boys
 The girls
 Daddy/daughter swim
 Heath rocking the shades
MaryAnne in her sweet summer outfit.
Then, since I didnt get to see my mom on actual mothers day, Ryan kept the kids on the following Saturday so that we could do the Lake murray tour of homes.  It was so special spending the day with my mama doing what we love, looking at houses!
 One of the homes on the tour.  They had a neat "sign" showing the distances to all the places in the world that they love.  What a neat idea!!

 My mom relaxing in the sun on the "beach" of one home!
 Another of the properties that we saw that day.  They had gorgeous landscaping
 Love their large flower beds!
Me and my mom had our own little mother's day and it was fabulous!! I love you mama. Thanks for teaching me how to be a great mom  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Opening his first gift of the day!  Right after he woke up
His new table and chairs that I redid with chalkboard paint
He spent the first part of his day at school with his buddies. I made him a special shirt for his big day :)
The cookie cake for his party at school
Him and his buddies
Awww my sweet baby is getting big.  Makes me a little sad and a lot happy!
PopPop and Poppy met us at Chick-fil-a for lunch after school
MaryAnne ate some cake with red icing! look at that tongue
2 cakes for 2 years, of course!  This is the second one. When Heath saw it, he screamed "melmo, melmo" and was so so excited!
Heath watching as his batting practice gets set up!  He learned real quick to say "batter, batter, batter!"
Ripping into those toys!

The batting practice was from aunt sheaffer
my sweet 2 year old
more presents.. 
We all had such a great day!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Heath.  We love you so much!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Growing up

It is officially the day before Heath, my first born, turns TWO.
I have been extra sentimental/emotional/excited this week. I am sentimental about how fast he and MaryAnne are growing up. They are both doing new things each day and sometimes I feel overwhelmed that I wont remember it all and that makes me sad. So, I have compiled a list of things that they do that make me smile. :)
Heath: can say the colors "purple" "yellow" and "blue" , He loves to pick me flowers, he makes his sister laugh and they will just go into gigglefits. can remember anything you tell him! and has his own little way of talking to me. He can make "duck" and "goose" noises, like knows the different sounds between the two. I mean he is amazing me every day with what he picks up on!!He will get cheerios out for MaryAnne and put them on her tray. The other day I drew a little tiger face on him and was showing it to him in the mirror and he was "roaring". Before naptime, he was pitching a fit, so on the way to his room I turned him to face a mirror and his crying turned into hysterical laughing when he saw the "tiger" that he had forgotten about. can go up and down "bigboy" slides with ease.
MaryAnne:she is becoming quite the mover lately, always standing up at the train table. Just drank out of a cup tonight!, this girl can bite like the Dickens! I think she even taught her brother how to bite :/ starting to really get her teeth, and her hair is starting to fill in! she can get really loud, espcially in stores. she gets super excited when she starts swinging
I am so lucky to be their mom! And speaking of Moms, I hope everyone had a fabulous mother's day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our weekend.

Me and my love trying to catch a blue! (marlin)
No land in sight!


Reeling in the big one!

My first dolphin/mahi mahi/dorado/dinner.  Yum :)

heading back in after a great day.  We caught 18 fish!

Ryan with a Biggun'

Yes, we will!