Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's time for a potty!

Last Saturday morning I asked Heath if he wanted to use the potty. He did so I held him up on the rim of our toilet. He actually went! So that afternoon we headed out to get a Heath sized version. Well he just played with it and didnt use it again. (side note: the kitchen is NOT the permanent location for our new friend!!)

Fast forward a week to today, and lo and behold he pottied in it THREE times this afternoon!!!! All by himself!!!! WOO HOO I am so proud and think I might need to go get him some big boy pants now :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our week in numbers

2 Days of travelling
3 days playing in the snow
1 relative that we ran into on a flight!
4 snowmobiles
1 snowmobile that got stuck and had to be pulled out. Oops, my bad.
1 ski lesson for me
6 lift tickets
1 hot tub
50+ elk
5 moose
3 rams
1 prarie dog
7 bison
5.5 days away from the babies
1 set of parents and aunt and uncle who i know had a blast with them! Thank you! Love you!
2 states we snowmobiled in
100s of deer on Ted Turners ranch
3 bed 3.5 bath log cabin on the slopes
5 meals out
1 bald man named "Curly"
1 snow storm
1 Lone Peak
8 souveniers
1 amazing husband who is very patient!
1 set of awesome inlaws + brother in law
2 hour time change
150 slopes
21 lifts
11,00 feet
1 Big Sky Montana!!

Our house was somewhere in the middle. It was decorated so cute!
Ryan standing in front of lone peak

Me standing in the same spot

Together in the same spot. Arent we cute!?!

The mountain. It can be intimidating, lemme tell ya! But I only freaked out once!! Hey, it was my first time skiing, what can i say.

All the elk we saw on our way back from snowmobiling in West Yellowstone.

Me in all my snow gear outside our cabin. Suprisingly, I stayed pretty darn warm!

If you look closely under that tree you will see bullwinkle!

Our view from a spot where we stoppen on the snowmobiles.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My view for the next few days! I will be getting my ski legs on for the first time ever in big sky