Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things that are happening in our neck of the woods....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look who just grew up

And started preschool today!!! Happy first day of school Heath!!!!

Edit: Just wanted to add this so i can remember. When we got to school, his class was in the gym so this pic is on the way to meet his class there. I introduced him and myself to his new teacher and he went right on in!! Well, i was in the hallway filling out papers when his class came thru to go back to their classroom for snack. Heath saw me and ran to me with his arms streched out saying " mama mama" I reached down to give him a hug and ask how he liked school, (answer: "yeah") and then i told him that he needed to catch up with his class for snack. Well lo and behold, he turned around to look for his classmates and took off with them!! Can you believe it? He is obviously not very shy! And he looves school! Such a big boy now :) Oh, and when we went to pick him up the teacher said seemed to be able to do a lot/know a lot. YaY!!!