Thursday, May 26, 2011

psshaw maaan BUYER BEWARE!

So I got this cute pair of sandals right around Easter time, and think they are just adorable.  They have fish on them--  "dont be koi"--  are gold, and are sparkly aka foot jewelry ha. Right up my alley.  Plus they are really comfortable. 
Well I am getting out of the car last night after my moms 60th bday party!! ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! you are the BEST!!!)  And lo and behold, the ring underneath the fish that hold the shoe together SNAPS.  While I am just STANDING THERE.  This is crap!  I have only had them for about a month and have worn them only a few times, so I am hoping they will let me exchange them. 
UPDATE:  I was able to exchange the shoes the next day! They were so nice about it and I am a Happy Camper!! THANKS LILLY! <3

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