Thursday, May 12, 2011

Growing up

It is officially the day before Heath, my first born, turns TWO.
I have been extra sentimental/emotional/excited this week. I am sentimental about how fast he and MaryAnne are growing up. They are both doing new things each day and sometimes I feel overwhelmed that I wont remember it all and that makes me sad. So, I have compiled a list of things that they do that make me smile. :)
Heath: can say the colors "purple" "yellow" and "blue" , He loves to pick me flowers, he makes his sister laugh and they will just go into gigglefits. can remember anything you tell him! and has his own little way of talking to me. He can make "duck" and "goose" noises, like knows the different sounds between the two. I mean he is amazing me every day with what he picks up on!!He will get cheerios out for MaryAnne and put them on her tray. The other day I drew a little tiger face on him and was showing it to him in the mirror and he was "roaring". Before naptime, he was pitching a fit, so on the way to his room I turned him to face a mirror and his crying turned into hysterical laughing when he saw the "tiger" that he had forgotten about. can go up and down "bigboy" slides with ease.
MaryAnne:she is becoming quite the mover lately, always standing up at the train table. Just drank out of a cup tonight!, this girl can bite like the Dickens! I think she even taught her brother how to bite :/ starting to really get her teeth, and her hair is starting to fill in! she can get really loud, espcially in stores. she gets super excited when she starts swinging
I am so lucky to be their mom! And speaking of Moms, I hope everyone had a fabulous mother's day!

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