Saturday, May 14, 2011


Opening his first gift of the day!  Right after he woke up
His new table and chairs that I redid with chalkboard paint
He spent the first part of his day at school with his buddies. I made him a special shirt for his big day :)
The cookie cake for his party at school
Him and his buddies
Awww my sweet baby is getting big.  Makes me a little sad and a lot happy!
PopPop and Poppy met us at Chick-fil-a for lunch after school
MaryAnne ate some cake with red icing! look at that tongue
2 cakes for 2 years, of course!  This is the second one. When Heath saw it, he screamed "melmo, melmo" and was so so excited!
Heath watching as his batting practice gets set up!  He learned real quick to say "batter, batter, batter!"
Ripping into those toys!

The batting practice was from aunt sheaffer
my sweet 2 year old
more presents.. 
We all had such a great day!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Heath.  We love you so much!!!

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