Thursday, September 3, 2009

baby, houses, and football

Heath is almost four months now and he is getting more "advanced" every day! Just this morning i put him onto his mat to play and next thing we know, he has rolled halfway across the room.. I mean this guy was movin'! He has also been eating stage 1 babyfood and i think his favorite is banana so far. He is now a size 6 mos. in clothing and has also moved up a size in diapers and is now in stage 3. I feel like time is FLYING by--i really dont want him to grow up....too fast!

On another note, Ryan and I have been kicking butt when it comes to home improvements. I blogged about our bathroom redo, but we have also laid a yard full of sod, painted many baseboards, touched up paint, and putting new colors on our living room and bedroom. We have also cleaned out our shed and I AM HAVING A YARD SALE!!! Its going to be this saturday, and i am sooo excited. I am just worried that a lot of people will be out of town for the holiday..but i hope we still get a lot of traffic. We will use the profits to get a hood w/microwave over our stove that will replace our old microwave and new curtains for the living room. All of this is in preparation for a possible move that could possibly be occuring in the near future..hopefully. But just in case, we will be ready and so will our house!!
P.S. Its time for college football!

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