Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bathroom Blues

Ryan and I have been wanting to do some thing to our bathroom, such as retile the baby blue shower tiles. So on Sunday, he started to scrape out the old caulk in order to recaulk... anyways, while he was doing this a tile came loose, so he decided to go ahead and take some more off. Well behind the tile was wood that the previous owner had installed, which of course was rotting, and has to be replaced as well. So now instead of just retiling, he has to replace the wood, put up durrock(which is like drywall except it wont rot when it gets wet) replace all of the shower fixtures, retile, and glaze the tub. whew! what a job. He is such an amazing repair man and i am so thankful that he knows how to/likes to do this kind of stuff!

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