Sunday, August 9, 2009


This morning, we all went out to breakfast, and then we took Heath to a state park. It was really nice out-but kind of hot- so we didn't stay too long. When we got back home, Ryan went next door to work on the house and I took Heath to his grandma's so we could hang out. We had a really nice time and I got a great nap in!! Then, when I woke up, Holly (my mother-in-law) handed me the phone....Ryan was on the other end and told me "Come home quick-I put a hole thru my finger with the nail gun."

With that, I left Heath at Grandma's and drove home to check out the damage. He was using a framing nailer to build a wall inside the house when the nail shot thru his finger and came out the other side! OMG he was hurting so bad. I immediately thought that we should go to the ER, but after much hydrogen peroxide and making sure he could bend it, we decided to just wait for the Dr. to see him tomorrow....I hope everything will be ok and that it won't get infected or anything. Good thing he has had a recent Tetanus....

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