Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend recap

Friday night, Ryan and I built a fence for next door. He did most of the work, and i just helped by securing it all with the nail gun. Then saturday morning we got up and went to lowes to get a few things. When we got home, Ryan worked next door and i painted our bedroom. Our room looks so much better now. We went from a fire engine red color ( i know...) to a light gray. It feels so much more serene and peaceful now. Then it was pizza and chinese for dinner and GAMETIME!! We went to Ryan's brother's house to watch the game and had some ammmmaziing cupcakes, brownies, and dip! We took some cupcakes home, but they accidentally didnt make it through the night! yummy ..On sunday i planted a bunch of flowers in the morning and rearranged our house in the afternoon with help from my wonderful inlaws(thanks holly &barry!!) This morning we took Heath for his 4month check up and shots :( but he did really well and only fussed for a minute. He is a whopping 16 lbs. 6oz now and 25 inches long!!

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