Monday, June 14, 2010

Our new master bedroom redo

So as most of you know, we recently moved into a new house. Therefore, we inherited these bright sunshine yellow walls in our bedroom. We also got rid of our bedframe during the move. That means our matress and boxspring were on the floor. "Crappy" pretty much sums up the feel of our "before" bedroom!
Also, if you remember, I found the dresser below at a garage sale last year and thought it would be "fun" to paint it yellow. Even though nothing in our bedroom matches it. So, needless to say, that got old pretty quickly....
(this is the dresser at the old house)
And a before shot of our "crappy" bedroom in the new house....P.S. I accidentally forgot to take before pics so this is the only one. Sorry!
And so, while my husband was away fishing this weekend.......

ta da! A brand new bedroom that is much more serene and calming!

And look! Everything matches... and there is no more jarring yellow walls or furniture staring me in the face every morning!

Oh, and this bedframe. Garage Sale find by my mom. I just LOVE IT!

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  1. Loving the white more than the yellow! Great job!