Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A warm, wintery treat

I don't know about you, but most mornings i need a caffeine boost. We do not have a coffee maker, so usually i make a cup of hot tea. ( I was born and raised in SC, but my dad is originally from Jolly Old aka England) I just heat up water in the microwave, add a tea bag and ta-da: a cup of tea.

There is only one the winter, when it is cold, and i need some comfort food/drink, my go-to morning beverage is hot is delish! Well last time i was grocery shopping, i picked up what i thought was regular 'ol hot chocolate. NOPE, it was better. It was Marshmallow Lovers' by Swiss Miss.

It has two packets for each cup. One is filled with cocoa, and the other pouch is full of marshmallows!!!! MMmmm so yummy! Yall have got to try it if you havent already!


  1. Oooo delish! The Diet Swiss Miss is really good too. And I learned an amazing chocolate cupcake recipe using it - will have to share it with you!

  2. That's my favorite Hot Chocolate :)