Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What an anniversary

Ryan embellished our shed doors Sunday while i was doing other projects. Now they look fresh and a lot better!

and sweet Dixie took advantage of the photo op!

OK so as i said before, Sunday was our anniversary. I posted a picture of our original wedding cake on Sunday. This is not it! We ate about one bite each of our top tier and decided that if we didnt want to be sick, we better not eat any more. SOOO we purchased a new "top" and chowed down! This is the remake!

These are my earrings!!!

And since we couldn't just stare at each other all day Sunday, we finished some projects too! This is our fence before.
Q: What is better than a rusty chain-link fence?
A: Anything
Soo i present you with this after:

What do yall think? Is it tacky or is it added curb appeal?

And then on Saturday morning, i went garage sailing (it is like a sport!) and found this for only $35.00. What a deal right?

And not only did the $35 purchase the dresser, but i also found this little freebie inside once i got it home!

hahahahah i just died :)
But anyways i spent some of our anniversary finishing it off and this is what it looks like now!

(p.s. the room that it is going in is our bedroom, which has a gray walls- i wanted a little punch of color, and i think this is the ticket- so this wall color is not part of its permanent location! )
Then Sunday night we went to a nice restaurant in Columbia called Gharibaldi's. I ordered the mahi mahi stuffed with lump crab and Ryan ordered the NY strip. Our meal was Fabulous, so if you are in the area give it a try!


  1. Nice work on the dresser, it looks great!

  2. What an awesome anniversary. I can't believe it has already been a year! So much has happened. I can't wait to come over and see the dresser and earrings. Love you!