Friday, November 13, 2009

A real "handy" craft

Sorry about the title...i just LOVE me a corny joke!
Anyways these are the supplies you will need:
A hot glue gun (i have been wanting one so this was my excuse!!)
hot glue sticks
googly eyes ie. like the ones in the geico commercial
A lonely oven mitt
and a piece of red felt (not pictured..oops)
The other side of the mitt

TA DA~a cheap puppet!!
I just glued a piece of red felt into the " mouth"
Then glued the googly eyes onto the top, and for the ears/eye brows i cut off the little loops on both mitts (the things that you use to hang them up.) then i glued them together where they were kind of folded so that they would stick up, and that was it. REALLY SIMPLE. and now i have another way to distract Heath!

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