Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old house~New House

This is the house we are flipping. When i started blogging, i said that i would post before and after pics of the house as soon as they were ready.

This is the side of the house-before

A shot of the front...just look at those windows (they had metal panes)

Ryan at the front of the house-before the paint and new front door it desperately needed

Another shot of a front window and the second front door?

The cute faux brick garage- complete with metal swing door

AFTER!! side view of the
New privacy fence...and no more second front door!

The front of the house after new windows, paint, dormers(the points on the roof) and sod.

Another shot -yes it is for sale!!!

The garage after it was sided and a driveway was poured. We still might paint it to match the house-not sure yet.

a Street view ps. before, the ENTIRE yard was leaves on top of leaves. Not one blade of grass anywhere. Now its a pretty yard with lots of shade!

and the after shot of the side of the house..same shot as the first picture in this post. What do yall think?


  1. Yall did a great job!!! I think it looks really good!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! I love the look. You have done such a great job! I so want to flip a house someday! I hope it goes fast and sells high!

    p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog!