Friday, November 20, 2009

and now it starts......

Morning sickness that is. UGH. Two mornings this week I have woken up with a killer headache, taken some medicine, and then promptly thrown it up. The first morning i thought it was just a coincidence, but no, it happened again this morning. It is miserable. For a normal person, it might not be that bad. But for me it is not easy being queasy. (my lame attempt at a joke. i still feel like crap) First off, i cant get sick inside, oh no, i have to open the door, walk outside, and then get sick. It just grosses me out to throw up into a toilet. EWW. But that is not it. Not only do i throw up, but i also wet my pants. And i cry ...because my feelings are hurt. I mean really?? why does this happen. Is anybody else this strange? If so, Please LET ME KNOW! it might make me feel better.


  1. Haha I love you! I'm coming to see you today! I've thrown up in a sink once... does that count? Or friend peed in the corner of Jungles (bar) when we were in college. In case Mrs. Monroe is reading this - I'm not friends with her anymore!

  2. bwahahaha that made my life better!!! hahaha i cant believe a girl did that

  3. I just tagged you in a Happy Post!
    check it out if you want to keep it going!