Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Birthday Party

For Heath's 1st birthday, I decided to have a "family party" on his actual birthday, and also a "family & friends" party on the Saturday after his birthday. For the family birthday, we made BBQ grilled chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and chips. I also made a birthday cake and two cupcakes- one for Heath and one for his cousin! These are pictures from his family party.

Getting pushed in his new truck!

Heath received a ton of toys! Including a set of 100 balls...kind of like the ones we used to play in at McDonald's.

The birthday boy with his special hat on!

Here is Heath eating his cupcake

Heath and his cousin..

Heath surrounded by all of his new toys...with cake all over his face!

A sweet family shot- just me and my boys :)

and yes, those are balls flying through the air. The adults used them as ammo in our "ball war"
that lasted about an hour!! SO much fun :)

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