Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wild man

We were invited to a super fun Sesame Street themed party on Saturday for one of Heath's buddies.  It was at the Little Gym and we all had a blast!  Heath is for sure a high-energy two year old.  The Bday Boy's mom snapped this picture for her blog and I just had to share! And don't you just love his little outfit that I picked up for him here while I was at the beach. He is the son of a fisherman, afterall!

And on another note... My dad's birthday is tomorrow, and while he was playing golf today, He shot a HOLE IN ONE!!! It is his second ever and I am really, really proud of him!! What a great way to start his birthday!!  ( to celebrate, he bought a keg for all of the seniors at the club!  what can i say, he's pretty darn fun for an old fart!!) LOVE YOU DAD  :)

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