Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our august, so far

I feel like it has been forever since I have actually written a post.  We have already had a super busy month starting with Ryan's 29th birthday on August 1st!  We had a nice day and he got some cool stuff, including a wench for his 4wheeler and a corn hole set that my dad made for him!  On the morning of his birthday, we also got Heath to say that daddy is "two nine" .  Heath is really starting to pick up on words and starting to speak a lot more.  He did 2 speech therapy sessions- the first being an evaluation and the second was basically to lend me a dvd about speech therapy and to tell us that she didn't think he needed it!  I guess he is just a late talker afterall! I was relieved, since for months I had thought he should be talking more and was starting to get a little worried.  I guess he decided to "show us" after we scheduled apptments.

MaryAnne has really been walking and talking!  She picks up on the sounds and repeats them over and over! She is getting SUCH a personality.   She has also been loving her babies and lovies.  Unfortunately, she has a double ear infection right now.  :(  I hate it when she is sick, but i Do LOVE her snuggles when she doesnt feel good.  She only wants to be held and she just rests her little head on my shoulder. Thats when my heart melts. 

This month, we have also had quite a few date nights. (yay!)  We went to a wedding one night, celebrated Ryans bday early at bonefish-yumm- another night, have played tennis together a few times, and just this past weekend, the kids stayed at my parents and we went to Carolina Adventure world to ride 4 wheelers and test out the new wench.   Geez.That was a long sentence/run-on!

I have also gone to several showers for friends who are either getting married OR having a baby.  Busy busy busy!!   

What have yall been doing to beat the heat??

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