Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend 2011

On Friday, we packed our bags and headed for the hills.  We ended up here, in Maggie Valley, NC.

This little cabin was on a trout pond and stream
We had a little loft, and played lots of musical beds.
This pond was out our back door. 
And is the site of Heath's first BIG CATCH! he also fed the ducks a LOT of bread!
MaryAnne posing in front of our cabin
We hiked a trail off of the Blue Ridge Parkway
And threw lots of rocks
We got towards the top of the Mountain

And enjoyed and incredible view
Then we headed off to Cherokee, NC  and went to Santa's Land
Santas Land is a magical place for little boys and girls.  My little ones enjoyed their first ever rollercoaster. 
And they got to pet real life reindeer

MaryAnne sporting her teams colors on Gameday.  Go Gamecocks!!
Talking a whirl in their new cars

We also got to play in the river, have picnics, and watch real Cherokee Indians do their native tribal dances.  It was a pretty spectacular weekend.

Man, What a way to kick off the fall season! 
Hope yall had a great Holiday too!

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