Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Me and my husband,
Me in the cap and gown!

My aunt, sister, me, mom

mom, sister, me, dad

me, uncle, aunt

for some reason my face is cut off in this pic . some sorority sisters and high school friend

the grads

me and husband

Yesterday was my college graduation! AND i was totally surprised by my loved ones who threw me a surprise party! It was such a wonderful day that lasted late into the night!! My sweet husband thought of the idea and everyone, especially Jessica, pitched in to help. The theme was champagne and desserts, and so many people came to support me and have a great time! I cant believe they kept it a secret for so long! - and i am glad i didnt catch on! It was such fun and i wish i had more pictures to show yall.


  1. Congrats girl!!! How exciting and wonderful!!!!!

    Thanks for the thank you note, your stationary was adorable! Glad you liked the ornaments I sent too!!:)


  3. Yay for you!! Welcome to the real world!