Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

Asheville, NC
Our sweet baby in our hotel room's crib

My family in the snow!

on the way to see the snow

In the Pisgah Natl Forest where we *almost* got stuck.

Ryan walking in the snow at the rest stop right before the worst/most fun traffic ever!

This is a little taste of the traffic. We basically Off-roaded on the interstate, made our own lane, and thanked the good Lord that we have 4 wheel drive and some mean tires!

Snow falling--exactly what we made the trip for! We just packed up, turned on the Christmas music, and headed north until we found it. And found it we did. About 13 or so inches!!

Ryan, Heath, and I outside our hotel in downtown Asheville!

more snow

My little bear pulling up on the bedside table.

Me and the little bear!

My loves!

The most beautiful church! I just LOVE the stone, red door, and snow

The archway of snowy trees

The view on the way to the Pisgah Natl Forest

The beast we drove that didn't get us stuck at all. Not one time. Not even when Ryan tried to have some "fun"! Many others were not as lucky as us. About 100+ cars were stranded and so many 18 wheelers jack-knifed. We were lucky to say the least!

Isn't this a beautiful horse! It just makes me excited for Christmas. Maybe santa will bring me a pony this year. Just kidding!

a pretty creek in the snow

and last but not least, a Charlie Brown tree! (This is for you, Holly! )


  1. You all sure did find the snow!!!!! We got about 3 inches last night but nothing like that!! Good thing you all had the tahoe!! They will get ou anywhere!! I love your little guys bear suit!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love that church & the Charlie Brown tree!

  3. Love the pics- see y'all this afternoon!

  4. fun! great and very beautiful photos!

  5. Love:
    The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
    The Red Door on the Church (it really stands out!)
    and the Little Brown Bear!

    ps Did you say fun traffic? I've never heard of such a thing. ;)


  6. Wow, that does look like a winter wonderland! It looks like you guys had fun!

  7. Merry Christmas! I Love Asheville - you must have had an amazing time. I have missed living in NC EVERY DAY since I moved away 5 months ago!