Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flip house before and afters!!

Do yall remember a while back when i posted the before and afters of the flip house we are doing? It was the exterior of the house. Well, today, I am posting the before and afters of the interior. Hold on to your seats. This is going to be a wild ride!!
These are pictures of the exterior. Just to refresh your memory.

This is the den/family room right when you walk in the front door -before

This is the dining room -before

This is the only bathroom in the house-before

This is the kitchen-before

And another shot of the kitchen -before

This is the exterior of the house-after

This is the den/family room -after

This is the dining room-after

Another shot of the den/family room (this angle is similar to the before pic)

The kitchen -after (this pic angle is similar to the before kitchen pic #2)

Another shot of the kitchen -after (in the same angle as kitchen before pic #1)

The laundry room that was not previously there

The original bathroom -after

The second bath that we added

The master bedroom-after

**And I do not take credit for this project!!! (apart from the design stuff!) My sweet husband did most of the work himself. Isnt he great!!?!?


  1. great job!! I hope it sell quick for you guys!

  2. wow.. you all did an amazing job flipping your house!!!!!!

  3. Oh wow.....You guys did an amazing job on flipping that house WOW it looks great..
    by the way my name is Stephanie I'm your newest follower!!Hope you have a great day!


  4. That is a crazy! Good job, it looks great.


  5. Oh my goodness--I am so impressed! That is such a cute house. I would totally love to live there.