Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our home, but for how much longer??!

This is our home. I am not sure how much longer I will be calling it that. We put it on the market this week in hopes of selling it so that we can move into a larger home. It is kind of bittersweet because I love this place, yet we need a larger house. I know that we can make any house a home, and we have put a lot of time, sweat, and effort into this one. Hopefully, someone will come along and scoop this baby up soon so we can move on! Until then, this is my home tour! Our house from the front yard. Our front door is on the left side. This is where i have a big planter in between two adirondack chairs with cute outdoor pillows!!

This is our front room. I pay the bills here at my desk and we usually have the jogging stroller stored in here!
This is a shot of our den/living room.

And another shot! This is where I put the curtains I bought and where Ryan installed the fan. We also just recently purchased a new coffee table that has lots of storage in it!

This is a view of our "dining nook" because thats really all it is.

And on to the kitchen. We redid our kitchen and extended the countertop and cabinets to underneath the window. Before we had hardly and counter space. And the countertops were tile. I thought it was gross. But we replaced the countertop, the sink, the faucet, and installed a dishwasher!!!!!! I love love love my kitchen now! Oh, and PS. My counters are never clear like this . There is always a knife set, bread thing, and baby bottle stuff!

Another shot of the kitchen

And this is our bedroom. Notice the yellow dresser i redid?

Our hallway that leads into the bathroom, our room, and Heath's room

Our bathroom

And another shot!

This is Heath's room. Before I came along, this was Ryan's junk room

Now see how cute it is? All it needed was a woman's touch. And speaking of woman's touch. I painted the entire house. With a little help from my mom. And by entire house I mean every. single. room.

Our back patio that we did. Ryan poured the cement for the pad, built the railings, gate, and i planted flowers around the cement. You cant see these flowers now bc we have dogs that like to sit on them!

And last but not least, our storage shed in the back yard. There are two rooms, one being Ryans workshop, and the other being storage. There is running water and electricity in this shed. Ryan also did the landscaping going to the shed.

And if you look closely, you can see our dog Roxy underneath the shutter on the left!!

Hope yall enjoyed my home tour. Cross your fingers that it sells!! We have picked out another house and are writing our offer on it in about an HOUR!!!!


  1. Your house is so cute, I love it! I love your kitchen.. I want white kitchen cabinets!!!

    Hope it sells fast girlY!!

  2. Just found your blog and am now following. You have a beautiful family!! SO glad to have found you!

  3. I can't believe you're selling the house and moving! I'm going to miss you all being 5 blocks away! But the pictures look great and congrats on a new chapter!

  4. Good luck with selling your house! I always enjoy looking at other people's homes. Yours is very cute!