Thursday, July 23, 2009

House Dreams

Recently, Ryan and I have been itching to move into a bigger house. The one that we are in right now is on the small side that Ryan bought before we met and I moved into after we got married. We have done a lot to it since I have moved in (can I just mention that it was a TOTAL bachelor pad), especially in getting ready for Heath's arrival. We totally gutted our kitchen so that we could add more counterspace, nicer cabinets, & a new sink and fixtures. We did this all in preparation for being able to get a better return once we do sell.

We also own the house next door to our current residence that we bought for flipping purposes. We have had it for about five months and it is getting close to being done..well closer. It was in a not so nice condition and sweet husband has been working really hard to get it up for sale. I was helping a good bit on it while I was pregnant, but have not had so much time to help since baby has come. Anyways, after the house next door sells, then hopefully we can put ours up to and be able to afford a house that meets most of our criteria.

Our wish list for a new house includes: staying in the downtown area, yet still in a nice area with good schools, at least two bathrooms, at least three bedrooms, a house that is not on or very close to a main/busy road (we have 2 dogs), and a bigger yard for Heath to play in.

I will post some before and after pictures of the house next door soon.

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