Monday, February 22, 2010

9 month checkup

Today was Heaths 9 month checkup! Well, he is a little over 9 mos now, but anyways, these are the new stats!

He weighs exactly 20 pounds! He is in the 45% for weight, 75% for head circumference, and 90% for height!
He has 6 teeth so far. (4 up and 2 down) but I think 2 more are about to come through the bottom gums. He loves his table food, and refuses to eat baby food anymore.
He is still in size 3 diapers.
He has taken a few little steps but not many, but he will stand alone for about 5-10 seconds at a time. (He can stand alone longer, especially if he is distracted!)
He loves to take a bath or shower, and will bang on the door if he hears the water running in the tub and he is not invited!
He takes about 3 naps a day (morning, noon, and late afternoon) and goes to bed at 7.
This is a picture we took this weekend down in Charleston. He is laying on the boat in his life vest! We put him on his back for the picture and he could not flip over! haha it was like a poor little turtle!
And this is a picture of the first time he was in the same life jacket. This was about 8 or so months ago! Think he has gotten any bigger?!?!! Still has the same expression though!!


  1. The pictures are great! And he looks so much bigger now!! so cute

  2. He sounds alot like Brody at that age! Brody hated baby food around then, he wore sz 3 diapers, he weighed 20 lbs, he was trying to take steps, and he LOVED baths and showers and did the same thing and still does when he hears the running water!!

    Yes we will have to see when it gets closer to vacay time and definitly try and meet up!

  3. Oh! That is so cute of him lying down with his life vest on!

  4. Aw poor baby! ;) He sure is a cutie. I'm Kim, just found your blog through Lea Liz's. I see your from Columbia, not far from me in Summerville/Charleston! Hope to keep up with your cute little family. Stop by my blog some time!