Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thursday

An addition to our family this week was the yucky-tummy-bug. It was not fun at all, and managed to circulate to each family member starting with Heath, then me, and finally Ryan. Hopefully it is all gone now!
Lots of Ginger ale

and saltines

We have also "unofficially" decided to move into the most recent flip house that has been acquired. I have not yet shown any pictures of this flip house, however this picture somewhat (yet waaay more prettily) depicts the layout of the front of said reno. This is not the after shot, I just found it on the internet and put it into my "dream house" file on my computer.

Another great thing about this flip house is that it has a GIGANTIC laundry room.. (my current laundry room is in the kitchen) I am totally psyched to have a laundry room/mud room/ pretty space that can be all mine (even if i have to share it with dirty socks/muddy boots/rain coats) Bring it on!!!!!!
These are some inpiration photos of my dream laundry room (and still being feasable with the space in the new house):

I will soon post before photos of the new flip house
(well Ryan has already done some work, but yall will get the picture...Thank goodness this house doesnt need as much work as the first flip)
And speaking of the first flip house, I told you guys that we got an offer. Well, whoever wrote in the offer would pay full asking price, but wanted us to include the boat. Well too bad we had just sold the boat so it could not be part of the deal. So, he offered us about 20% below our asking price. We countered with a price that was a few $1,000s less than what we listed it as. He said no deal and took his offer off of the table.
Then, a few days later, the original buyer (came to his senses) rewrote an offer that was very reasonable and close to our counter offer, SO (after a quite long story on my part!) the house is now under contract!!!! I am so proud of my sweet, sexy, handyman, do-it-himself husband of mine!


  1. Congratulations on selling the flip house!

    Those laundry rooms are so pretty, I never really thought about what I would want my "dream laundry room" to look like.

  2. Yay on the new car! Love that pic of a dream house! Too cute!

  3. For some reaoson I have not been getting your blog updates!! Congrats on selling the boat and house!! Can't wait to see the new flip house! Is this hwat your hubby does for a living for a hobby? He does a great job!!
    Yay for Heath taking steps! I thought Brody was an early walker at 10 months!!
    Hope your feeling good!!