Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your questions answered!

I had several questions from some follow bloggers, so here are my answers!

How did you and your husband meet?

I was invited to go to the lake with my roommate and her guy friend (who happened to be friends w/Ryan) and on the way, we had to help this guy aka Ryan load up the jet-ski, so we pulled up to this house (it was Ry's mom and dads house) and I was walking up the driveway, eating a sandwich -ya know, just chomping away- when I first met Ryan. It was classic love at first sight hahah, but seriously during our day at the lake we got to know each other and the next day he picked me up for our first date of bowling!!

What do you do for a living?

I am currently a stay-at-home-mom. I love my job! I have a degree in Public Relations, but nothing could compare to raising my sweet baby boy, keeping a clean house, and being a fabulous cook!! (i am TOTALLY being sarcastic on that last point-but i try! to cook-sometimes )

Does your husband flip houses for a living or a hobby?

My husband has a salaried job where he goes every M-Fri mornings, but he really enjoys doing the flip houses because he can flex his construction muscles and really likes to see projects progress and become so much more than they were before he got hold of 'em! He just likes to stay busy, plus he will get paid for all of his hard work when they sell.

What are my favorite places to shop for yourself and Heath?

Um, I don't do a lot of shopping, but when I do shop, you can find me at target! But, I absolutely love to window shop at the little boutiques in Columbia, i just dont buy anything!!

Have you picked out any names for the new baby?

Well, we havent really thought too much about it since we are not sure whether or not it will be a boy or girl, but whenever we nail it down, I will let yall know! Plus, we find out the sex in about two weeks!!

Exactly how far along are you?

Haha this is a funny question, because I never know!! With Heath, i knew down to the day how far along, but with this baby and being so busy with Heath, I have to look at the very bottom of my blog page where i had added the little babybump timelines!! Ok, i just looked. Today, I am 18weeks and 4 days!! Only 150 days to go until July 16th- my due date!!

You should do pictures of your belly each week!

OK, not a question but a suggestion! I so would, but I am not that organized or scheduled! Maybe i will do a few tummy shots for the blog, but i cant promise a weekly picture!

Now that Heath is 9 mos. and there's another baby on the way, what are some MUST HAVE baby items around the house?

Whew this is a toughie, because Heath's interests change so much! But i will say that a must have at the beginning is a swing! That swing was a total life saver in the beginning. Then, at Christmas, he got a sleep sheep, which is a little stuffed sheep with a sound machine inside. He loves it and goes to sleep with it every night! Another thing that we just love is this table that he got for Christmas too. He can stand up around it and press all the little buttons to play music. And i know this is not a baby item, but it is essential to have organization for all of the little toys that we have accumulated over the past 9months. It helps to keep things tidy, and is accessible for Heath to reach and pull toys out himself.

How are you feeling with the pregnancy?

I feel great!! I am so excited about this new addition! I have been trying to eat well and exercise, so hopefully I will continue to have a heathy pregnancy!

Well that was the last question! If yall want to know anything else, just leave me a comment!!


  1. What a great idea to post! I was going to ask what is one thing you would change about yourself!

  2. Hey girl!!
    Do yall live in Charleston? What are some fun things to do in IOP, besides the beach of course? My hubby wants to golf and I know a course is right there, does your hubby golf??
    I can't wait! The house looks super nice! Is the beach there crowded? Give me some info on it:)

    Hope your feeling good!!