Saturday, October 31, 2009


This morning ryan and i have decided we are going to go out to breakfast, go to a yard sale, and run some other errands. I didnt want to take a full blown shower, so i just wet my hair so i could dry it and it wouldnt look like bed head.

Well i turn on the hair dryer and what happens you ask?? A freaking HUGE SPIDER..thats right a spider gets blown out of my hairdryer and flies at my face. What a way to start my halloween..GEEZ..OF course i start screaming and crying and Ryan asks if i got shocked! i would say that was an understatement. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Ps. apparently it was a "wolf spider" i guess that is the technical name for a Giant, Scary, Mean Hairdryer spider....

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  1. Eek!!! That's so scary!!! I would have died, just DIED. I had the most INSANE dreams about you, Daniel, Ryan, and I last night. So that was my start to Halloween, ha. And yes - I'm checking your blog at 8:30am. But I love you guys and miss you!