Friday, October 9, 2009


Today was the first time that Heath has had meat! He ate some chicken with chicken gravy style baby food. I have also let him have a teething cookie (and before i found these at the store, i gave him an animal cracker....but only one without feet so he couldnt choke.)

On another note, WE PUT THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR UP FOR SALE!!!! Finally! We still have to do some touch up stuff but it is mosly complete.

We also glazed the tub ourselves. Originally we thought that we could get rebath to do it, however they charged a TON of money. like $1,695.00 Just to reglaze it. So Ryan headed to lowes and bought $40 worth of glazing supplies and it looks better than brand new. SO the moral of the story is: before you shell out cash, try it yourself first!

My parents are coming into town for the weekend for the Carolina VS. Kentucky game. Ryan is going to Charleston to fish, and I have a suprise project planned!!! Check back soon for Before and afters!

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