Thursday, October 29, 2009

slacking lately?

So Sorry about my infrequent posting this week..i have been busy procrastinating!! it seems like when everything needs to be done, i have the urge to do absolutely nothing. Horrible, I know.

So yesterday, as i was putting off cleaning the house and organizing our clutter, i (well me and heath) drove to Camden, SC to meet Ryan for lunch. I got there way early-on purpose- so that i could browse the antique shops. Much to my surprise, i found a side table almost exactly like this one...

Now this buffet/side table/antique is by no means perfect. Actually it is perfectly imperfect, but i fell in love with it nonetheless. I bought it last year sometime in Ridgeway, SC, from a florist who was closing shop....I paid a whopping $45.00 for it. I was so excited about my steal! Well anyways, i saw almost the exact same one yesterday in a shop. It was in a bit better condition, but they were asking $995.00 for it! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! So my idea is to convert mine into something a bit more spectacular. I want to fill in some of the imperfections with wood putty, add new hardware, and paint it a fun, vibrant color. What do yall think? Any suggestions on color?... i was thinking maybe a Tiffany blue or a funky yellow? Or should i leave it as is?

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  1. Paint it Tiffany blue! That would look awesome!!! I'm sad we are missing Heath's 1st Halloween. Take lots of pictures!