Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Rain rain go away come again another day. Or dont. It has been nasty outside ever since we got back from Bald Head and i am really having running/walking withdrawls.
I usually take Heath in his jogger and go for a run after Ryan goes to work, and recently we had been going extra early so Ryan could come too. We had been bundling Heath up in the mornings before Ryan has to be at work and going for walks. I love walking with them and checking out what is going on in the neighborhood.
I love to see how people landscape and decorate, and i get some good ideas for our home. I just enjoy the fresh air, listening to the birds, and all that jazz too. I usually get out there every morning, But ever since this rain nonsense i dont even feel like getting out of the house. It makes me feel like i am going to go stir crazy!!

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