Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BEWARE: Extreme Couponer Xing!!

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a new trend and am jumping on board. Couponing to some is an art and I am learning the tools of the trade! At first it seemed a little overwhelming and tedious to find coupons, organize them, and search for the right product in the store with two little ones in tow. But, after realizing how much money we could be saving, I feel that it is totally worth it. I just have to prepare in advance for my shopping trips! Last night was my first time trying out my new skills and I was thrilled to have saved some moolah! I saved $11 at Rite Aid by taking two coupons and finding one in the store. Then, I went to Target for paper towels and a few other things and ended up saving $7, and received a $5 giftcard b/c I bought 2 packs of paper towels!! My total savings yesterday was $23!!! I admit I am starting out slow and could have saved even more if I had a better selection of coupons, but this is a pretty good start! Do any of you use coupons? Any extreme couponers out there with any tips for a beginner? (ps. i did buy a coupon organizer last night to reward my efforts and to keep myself organized :) )

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