Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wakey wakey Kiddos!! 
 Go and find your baskets!

Nice shirt Heath!!! Go Gamecocks!!

 Maryanne looking at her goodies.  Happy First Easter babydoll!! The easter bunny left yummy cheerios in her eggs, a dvd and a bathing suit.   Heath got same except for a shirt instead of bathing suit. 

Dropping Maryanne off in her big girl class.  Easter was her 1st time in the "crawler" class.  They grow up so fast :(  
 Heath and Daddy matching!!! I just love it
I just love these guys so so so so much! 

Happy Easter everyone! 

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  1. Love the matching outfits! They both look just like y'all... she like you and he like Ryan! CrazY!!