Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chair Redo

I was in the market for a rocking chair for MaryAnne's room when I came across this beauty. Please note that I found this on the side of the road while I was taking the kids on a walk.
So picture me pushing Heath in a jogging stroller, wearing MaryAnne in a baby bjorn (she was a lot younger when I came across this find. Its been sitting in a file waiting to be blogged...) and then carrying this chair all the way home.
It was exactly what I had been planning for her room. With the help of some pretty fabric, a glue gun, a staple gun, and my BFF spraypaint, I was able to turn a chair that was headed for the dump into a pretty piece of furniture that fits perfectly into MaryAnne's room for less than $10!

Doesn't she look so comfy in her new chair? What do you think? Have you ever found a piece of trash that you turned into treasure? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!!