Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Curb Appeal

When we first moved into our new house last May, the front looked like this:
Army green wrought iron, tan siding, huge window hiding bushes, and of course, a naked baby.
It also had an ugly mailbox with an absurd flower bed around it! I painted the mailbox and wrought iron black, Ryan painted all the siding white, we hung window boxes and hanging baskets and cut shrubs down to normal size, and I expanded the flower bed.

Then we decided that we should add some interest to the right side of the house. So we formed up a semi-circle driveway.
We had a cement truck come to the house to deliver the goods.
And lots of family to help with the man power!
We love our new driveway and think it adds curb appeal. Of course we could always use more flowers...
but I think it turned out great! And we have put it to good use with all of our motor vehicles, riding toys, and now....A place to use the tile saw!! (hehe that is my intro for yet ANOTHER redo!) Stay tuned for more before and afters to celebrate our first year in our new house!!

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